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Time Flies By

I love to design Instagram posts with inspirational quotes. I like to believe I’m skilled at it. I could pay someone, but I like doing it myself. No matter how well I’m marketed to, I’d never consider paying someone to design them. I also wash and iron my own clothes, and I could pay the dry cleaners to do it. When I use the dry cleaner, I do so because I don’t like to clean my own clothes. I don’t think twice about paying the dry cleaners.

In our marketing we are often focused on our competitors, on showing how smart and capable we are. The DIYers, your clients, don’t care how great you are. They simply want to know if you are going to provide them with more time to do the things they like to do. If that is making them more money or giving them piece of mind, it is all a guise for saving them time.

I could drive myself to the store, or I can call an Uber. Which is easier? When the economics of choosing one over the other is marginal, we choose convenience.

Uber isn’t selling you on how special and great their drivers are. They don’t need to hire nascar drivers and market that fact to you to convince you to hop in their vehicles (or their “independent contractors’ vehicles“).

The greatest competitor is always the customer doing it for himself. When the customer looks at the economics of do-it-yourself he is not looking at the cost of your product versus that of another competitor’s product. He is measuring the overall experience of you providing the service with the overall experience of doing it himself. He is not deterred by the time factor, unless he perceives the provision of do-it-yourself time as excruciating, or he perceives a more pleasant and prosperous use of alternative time. – T. L. Brink

Saving another person time is the product you’re selling. The best clients are those that understand and value their own time, because then they’ll value you higher. Give the DIYers back their time.

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