Play the Role

crowd  Play the Role Crowd

You’re a character in the life story of whomever you come in contact with. In whatever role you play professionally or personally, people expect you to fit within its general mold. If you are the CEO of your company, you better know your target market and your unique value proposition. If you’re a doctor, you better know where the appendix is.

In acting, actors are warned against breaking the fourth wall — the conceptual barrier between any fictional work and its viewers. Unless you’re Frank Underwood and can break it magically, you’re at a real risk of making your listeners, customers, or clients detach from your story and disregard you. An offhanded comment or an unnecessary remark can lead to losing the sale or that much-needed investment.

People expect things to run to a certain beat; not to run without hitches, but within a particular framework. And the people that don’t know what they want are the clients that you don’t want regardless. Even so, when you’re attempting to convince someone to be on your side, you’re much better off playing the role they expect of you. Understanding which role that is is another matter. But either way, you might as well learn to enjoy acting.

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