Who Are Your Joneses?

Keeping Up With The Joneses  Who Are Your Joneses? Instagram

We’ve all heard the saying Keeping Up With The Joneses. In the Sixties, the Jones family were the same for everyone: a family that owned its own home with the white picket fence and a golden retriever. Everyone was chasing this same elusive dream. Today, we operate in a different world. Who is this mystical Jones family in today’s context? Mr. or Ms. Jones today are moving targets. There is no single Jones family, there are many Joneses. They’re everyone you follow on Instagram—that all-star DJ, the professional yogi, all your friends and acquaintances.

With everyone projecting their best self through filtered panes, we compare ourselves to these social “brands.” I say brand because they are not real people. That includes your own personal Instagram account. We are constantly bombarded with how wonderful others are. In this madness, we lose sight of who we are trying to keep up with. You’re only left with one option… Stop! Don’t compare yourself to these images. They’re not real anyway. They only distract you from doing the real work, your real work.

Fame is Relative

The people I find “famous,” the ones I idolize will be different than yours. Most likely you haven’t heard of some, and I’d probably not recognize some of yours. Does Chris Sacca, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk, or Tim Ferriss ring a bell? These may be meaningless names to you. If we went back twenty, ten, or even five years, most people would know the same famous names. Not anymore, and in my opinion this is a wonderful thing. Fame isn’t defined anymore for us, but a choice of our own.

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