As I was resting at home fighting a vicious cold the last couple days (the reason I didn’t muster up a post yesterday), I came across Star Wars Episode 1 on TBS. I had to indulge for a little while and keep it on in the background as I finished my reading of Ashley Vance’s Elon MuskFocus ir t jster0a 20 l am2 o 1 a 0062301233.

There are many fantastic analogies and quotes throughout Star Wars, a series I believe will stand the test of time. The one that stood out the most was Qui-Gon Jinn says to Anakin: “Your focus determines your reality.”

I’ve thought about this often recently because of this new term the “focus economy” that gets thrown around. We all feel the pinch to get more done in short periods, and our focus is pulled in so many different directions. The skill-set of focus is even sold back to us in BooksFocus ir t jster0a 20 l am2 o 1 a 0062114964 and webinars on how to do so. As like with many things these days, there are focus apps for tracking your productivity, and there are people throwing out the red flags warning us of the lack of focus. We all feel the effect, a very real one. I don’t have the answer, but I know that somebody selling me how to overcome it isn’t the solution. I think it simply comes down to setting yourself in situations where you’re not tempted by those mind numbing distractions. That means putting your phone on do not disturb for 20 minutes while you work. It means closing those extra tabs you’ve left open humming in the background.

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