I Refuse to Read Your Listicle

Sorry to break it to you, but no one wants to read your bulleted list. We get it, it is hard to get someone to click through to your content. We know the average internet user has an attention span of 8 seconds (which is shorter attention span than goldfish). You may even have the most useful and thoughtful content underneath. Nevertheless, you’re only diluting your writing and wasting readers’ time.

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These attention-grabbing titles are so pervasive, even those articles that want to complain about listicles are using them as headlines:

The 10 Worst Things About Listicles

In the spirit of making a list like was done here, these are the three main reasons I’m not going to read your listicle:

    Your desperation for trying to grab attention is a major turnoff,
    From experience, your article is most likely useless if you had to use bullet points to keep our attention,

Show Me The Tools

Searching for a shortcut is enticing. We instinctively know there are faster ways to do the things we want to do. However, more often than not a shortcut is merely a trap. For instance, knowing which tools you need to start on an endeavor is not a shortcut.

A recent trend for marketers is to give away a freebie for an email. These sites proclaim that people want to know the tools, the shortcut. Their argument is: give the visitor what they think they want. Then, just maybe, after they’ve got an email, sell the visitor what they really need. Better to entice them with “The Seven Must Have Tools for Growing Your Own Garden” then provide real consistent value. Better to have an email than not. They won’t even remember how they gave it out, anyway.

If you want to be a basketball player, we’re told that wearing the same shoes as Lebron will make us dribble better. If we want to be a photographer, we’re sold on the newest and most powerful camera or the coolest new app for our iPhone’s camera.

It’s easy to waste more time looking for shortcuts than you’ll ever save by finding them. Sometimes, the path is clear: other people have already walked it, and they’ll even tell you where it is if you look. Meanwhile, other people – who haven’t walked the path, but want you to follow them – will offer you shortcuts. That’s when you end up getting lost.

The answer is being cognizant of when we are being enticed by the freebie and steering clear.

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