The Trust Equation 

This is another homage to Emotional Equations as I referred to in an earlier post. I’ve been using this equation for thinking about how we build trust within our organizations and within our relationships. And it simply comes down to a simple equation. It looks like this: 

What you actually do / What you say you’ll do

The higher the fraction, the better. If it is 1, then you really keep true to your word and people believe what you say. If it is less than one, that’s a different story. The lower the fraction, the lower the value of your word. Understanding this balance is key. People are always comparing what you say with what you do. They might not track it in a formal way with an equation, but they’re still doing it. That’s why even on a Friday evening, I’m keeping my word and making sure I get my daily post in. Even if the trust building is with myself and no one in particular.

The Last Marketing Channel

The last piece of untouched real estate on your iPhone—your iMessages—is under assault. As with all communication channels, this one is no different. Marketers are slowly finding their way in. With Apple’s newest update, iMessages is undergoing sweeping changes. Large companies know it and they are seeking the ways to break through to you.

They’re striving to enter your iMessage because in a busy world where attention is money, it is the last domain that practically guarantees a message is received. Think about the edge on this as a marketer. If they can text you directly in iMessage, there is a little doubt you won’t read it. Early email marketers had 90% open rates in the late 90s. Now, if they’re above 20%, they’re truly golden. With text messages, open rates are well above 90%.

Looking down the road, it is hard not to see a new messaging platform that is no different than email: Messages scattered and littered with promos that you’re going to spend time unsubscribing to. Or replying “stop” to.

“The dream of marketers of frictionless commerce is coming, quickly. With shoppable stickers that allow you to make a purchase, we are moving from conversation to commerce at an exponential rate.” Vivian Rosenthal

I’m not sold that this is for the better.

Looking at China, the proliferation of app messaging and commerce being intertwined is already happening way ahead of the United States. It could be because the newest mobile users didn’t have the legacy system of email, or because they possessed multiple mobile devices and were open to integrating them all into a single digital identity.

Either way, the changes coming are great opportunities for those that don’t abuse it. The companies that walk the line the most carefully will be those that are the most successful.

To Live & Die On Mars

mars1  To Live & Die On Mars Mars1

It is weird to think that there is an actual possibility that people alive today will be living on Mars in the near future. What seemed like science fiction a few generations ago is now a possibility. In fact, Elon Musk believes a million humans could live on mars by the 2060s. Sign me up!

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. ― André Gide

Science fiction and reality are catching up to one another.

damonmartian  To Live & Die On Mars DamonMartian

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