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Do you ever find yourself after a great experience saying something like “Wow, that was the best (fill in the blank) I ever had?”

Today, I found myself saying exactly that about yoga. Every time I go to this particular class with Fit Lotus I think “that was the best session I’ve had.” I told the Angie, the instructor, I felt like I had a rebirth. I felt rejuvenated, fresh, and sharp.

High from that class, it reminded me of a Gerry Spence video I had seen. If you don’t know Gerry Spence, he is one of the most prolific trial attorneys in American History. He was asked in an interview what was his most important case he had ever tried.

“As times go by… its like looking at a series of movies over your lifetime. Do you remember walking out of a great movie and saying this was the greatest movie I’ve ever seen? Then you see another one. It isn’t better, it’s just another one, and it’s the greatest movie that you’ve ever seen…. And the last case that you’ve tried is probably the most important one.”

I love his answer because it isn’t what you’d expect. Maybe his answer was so because the question is an impossible one. It’s futile listing the most important cases, the most important sale, the most important pitch. The most important pitch is the one you just threw. That’s it. It follows, then, that the next most important pitch is the one right in front of you.

“The secret is that everything is always on the line. The more present we are at practice, the more present we will be in competition, in the boardroom, at the exam, the operating table, the big stage. If we have any hope of attaining excellence, let alone of showing what we’ve got under pressure, we have to be prepared by a lifestyle of reinforcement. Presence must be like breathing.” The Art of LearningBest, Yet ir t jster0a 20 l am2 o 1 a 0743277465

Approach each moment like it is should be your best. Each moment we have that ability, and in doing so we have the chance to improve. I know that at yoga this morning I gave it my all. I pushed. I left knowing I gave it my all. Next Saturday I’ll be pushing even harder and I hope I can leave saying “that was my best yet.”

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