30 for 30

30 For 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 2016 10 09 18

No, the title isn’t referring to the critically acclaimed ESPN series. Today is my 30th blog post. Even though I had been writing consistently in my Evernote for two or three years and kept various personal journals for about four or fives years, this has been my first pubic showcasing of my writing.

These are the lessons I’ve learned so far:

    1. The act of completing a goal—a personal and non monetary goal—I set out for myself has been amazingly rewarding.
    2. My goal to improve my writing has only gotten stronger. It is like playing golf, you always want to get better.
    3. In reference to number 2, we all need reminders of why we start something or the urge to give up takes over.
    4. I still need to learn patience. In the age of insta-reward, insta-gram, insta-everything, the only true path is committing to a long game, something I have to remind myself of.
    5. Not every post is going to be a huge winner.
    6. Keeping track of reader counts is a distraction, especially in the beginning of a new blog. Yes, getting attention is great, but it isn’t everything. If attaining attention becomes my focus, I know I won’t produce my best work.

Sustained motion is always great to look back on; I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. I look forward to seeing the real progress in a few months time when I can look back on all that I’ve written.

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